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Home Dialysis

Theres-no-place-like-home-Kidney and Hypertension Specialists providers manage patient care for home dialysis programs that allow you to dialyze in the comfort of your own home, with a flexible schedule. This allows you to have more frequent dialysis treatments than conventional in-center dialysis, which enables you to feel better and stay healthier. The benefits allow fewer dietary restrictions, more energy, better control of blood pressure and fluid balance with overall improved well-being.

Daily home dialysis results are remarkable. Patients report feeling as good as they felt before they ever were diagnosed with kidney disease with more energy, better appetite and with restful sleep as common results. The gentle nature of the short daily treatments means that patients feel well enough after dialysis to go straight to work, no longer needing the rest to recover from each session. Patients are thrilled that they have the freedom to schedule their dialysis treatments and lead more productive lives.

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