Zoll Clinical Research Study

To apply for this study or to find out more information, come into our main office or contact:

     Melissa Bartel
Research Coordinator
    (210) 445-0798
      Main Office
    315 N San Saba
San Antonio, TX, 78207

Compensation is provided for time & travel 
Duration: 2 months
Description: Wearable Cardioverter Defribillator in Hemodialysis Patients (WED-HED) Study.

If you are unsure if you meet the requirements, call us to schedule a screening and we will determine if  you are eligible or ineligible for this study.

Each patient should meet all of the inclusion and exclusion criteria for this study. Under no circumstances can there be exceptions to this rule.

Inclusion Criteria
By meeting these, you can qualify for the study
  1. The patient has end stage renal disease requiring hemodialysis.
  2. The patient is on hemodialysis for <2 calendar months or scheduled to begin hemodialysis within 1 calendar month.
  3. The patient is at least 50 years of age.
  4. The patient has documented EF >35% within 1 calendar year prior to date of randomization. (If the patient has been hospitalized for a myocardial infarction or heart failure decompensation, the EF measurement must have occurred during the last hospitalization or after discharge).

Exclusion Criteria
By meeting these, you cannot qualify for the study
  1. Receiving or will receive hemodialysis due to acute kidney injury and is not expected to receive subsequent chronic hemodialysis therapy.
  2. Active ICD.
  3. Unipolar programmed pacemaker.
  4. Physical or mental conditions preventing patient from interacting with or wearing WCD. (Examples: unable to understand device use, unable to hear alarms, or unable to use response buttons).
  5. Chest circumference at the level of the xiphoid under 24 inches or over 56 inches.
  6. Advance directive prohibiting resuscitation.
  7. Cancer or other terminal disease (excluding ESRD) with expected survival of less than 6 months.
  8. Medically unstable for reasons not related to kidney disease.
  9. Scheduled for live-donor kidney transplant within 6 calendar months.
  10. Consent could not be obtained.