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GlaxoSmithKline 2

GlaxoSmithKline Clinical Research Study

To apply for this study or to find out more information, come into our main office or contact:

Melissa Bartel
Research Coordinator
(210) 445-0798

Main Office

315 N San Saba, Suite 102
San Antonio, TX, 78207

Compensation is provided for time & travel 

Inclusion Criteria

If you are unsure if you meet the requirements, call us today and schedule a screening to determine you eligible.

By meeting these qualifications, you can qualify for the study:

  1. At least 18 years of age
  2. ESAs: Currently receiving an ESA for at least 4 weeks (TBC) prior to screening and continuing during the Screening Phase.
  3. Dialysis: Receiving adequate dialysis for at least 12 weeks prior to randomization, and during the screening/run-in period. Adequate dialysis is defined as follows:

a. HD: A single-pool Kt/V urea of >1.2 [or if Kt/V urea is not available, then urea reduction area (URR) of at least 65%] based on a historical value obtained within the prior three months.

b. PD: A total (peritoneal and kidney) weekly Kt/V urea of >1.7 based on a historical value obtained within the prior three months.

4. Hgb: Mean HemoCue Hgb between 8.0-12.0 g.dL1 (inclusive) as defined in the Hemoglobin Criteria section

5. Comliance with placebo: Any subject who is >80% and <120% compliant with placebo during run-in period (Verification at Day 1 Only)